Friday, September 24, 2010

Week 1. School,Pageant, and Volleyball :)

Wow... what a week! I have been super busy with college classes online with Vol State. Our school has seven classes a day and it is a little hectic... but I can do it! :) My high school has a volleyball tournament this weekend!!! I am so pumped. We play in Gallatin,TN. I am captain of my team and I am a senior. With winning Miss Teen Tennessee International 2011 there has already been many doors opened. I have wonderful news!!! I am the American Heart Associatation Speaker for Clay County. I will help educate students about health and the value of physical activity while teaching that they can help save lives right in their own community.This will give me the opportunity to be more involved with my community. I also have wrote thank you cards to everyone who supported the Tennessee International Pageant System. I could not have gotten where I am without them. If anyone would like for me to make an appearance just email me. I would love to help with whatever you need. God is blessing me. His blessings just keep getting better and bigger. :)

Miss Teen Tennessee International 2011
Randi Strong

                                    This is one of my favorite pictures! :) My new family. Yay!
                                      L-R: Me, Miss Teen TN ( Randi Strong),Director (Phil Frazer), Mrs. TN( Mary-
                                        Marsha Riley), Miss TN (Bobbie Marie Gregg)

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